Hydraulic Brake Test Kit

Hydraulic Brake Test Kit

2 Gauge Hydraulic Brake Test Kit Equipment

Commercial vans and prestige cars use the Hydraulic Brake Test Kit. It enables full hydraulic brake system bleeding and testing.
This is also a simple and effective way to check and set-up hydraulic brakes.


The kit contains:

  • 2 x 4000 PSI 1.0% accuracy 4“ gauge (25% pressure overrating).
  • 2 x 4-metre hydraulic hoses rated up to 10000 PSI.
  • Bleed adaptors M12, M10, M8, and M6.
  • 12” x 12” Protective case and insert.
  • Installation and clear operating instructions included.



  • Easy and portable testing of the vehicle hydraulic brakes.
  • Accurate testing using the 4000 PSI gauge with divisions of 5 PSI.
  • The bleed adaptors fit most van systems.
  • The kit is used to balance the front and rear brake to ensure full braking pressures.
  • 4-metre hoses to enable testing from all parts of the vehicle.


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