Air Brake Test Station

Air Brake Test Station

“A workbench tester for all your components”

The Air Brake Test Station is a specialist unit designed to test individual components on the bench in a garage as well as a workshop. Furthermore, before fitting failed or serviced components back onto the vehicle, they can be fully tested.

The Test Station is supplied with a complete set of hoses coupled with metric and imperial adaptors. Also, comprehensive test manual for ease of operation.


The kit contains:


  • 3 x input couplings.
  • 3 x 0—160 PSI/BAR pressure gauges.
  • Flow valve, regulator together with an on-off valve.

Delivered side:

  • 4 x on/off valves.
  • 4 x reservoirs.
  • Installation, in addition to clear operating instructions, included.
  • 4 x 160 PSI/BAR pressure gauges.


  • Off vehicle testing of components.
  • Accurate measurement.
  • Servicing of parts, which at the same time, is environmentally friendly.


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